Tooth Extractions in St. Pete Beach

Tooth Extractions

Do you have a severely decayed or damaged tooth? Does your smile suffer from overcrowding? Wisdom tooth impacted? You may need a tooth extraction in St. Pete Beach. There are various situations that may occur where a tooth extraction is the best treatment option for your overall oral health. Our dental extractions in St. Pete Beach are actually a very common procedure.


  • Eliminate symptoms. Situations that require a tooth extraction are often accompanied by uncomfortable symptoms. Once the tooth has been removed, these symptoms often quickly subside.
  • Improve teeth alignment. For tooth extractions that are the resulting of overcrowding, they can help provide space for teeth to naturally shift during orthodontic treatment.
  • Prevents infection. When a tooth extraction is performed due to severe decay, damage or infection, it can often prevent the infection from getting worse and spreading to other areas of the mouth and
  • Allows for proper tooth eruption. If a tooth was removed due to it blocking another healthy tooth from erupting, it could allow for the permanent tooth to erupt naturally.

Tooth Extraction at Our St. Pete Beach, FL Office

  • Tooth preparation. Before beginning the tooth extraction, your St. Pete beach dentist will numb the affected area with a local anesthetic to reduce any discomfort.
  • Tooth extraction. The affected tooth will be loosened and then removed from the area. The area will then be thoroughly cleaned, and gauze will be applied to control any bleeding.
  • Post-extraction. After your extraction your dentist will discuss any post-op instructions, a proper diet to follow and tips on keeping your mouth clean.
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