Root canal Treatment in St. Pete beach

Root Canals

Do you experience frequent dental pain? Have sensitivity to hot or cold? You may have an infected or inflamed tooth pulp. Our root canals in St. Pete beach, FL can help! Root canal therapy is often used as a last resort when a patient has a severely decayed or damaged tooth. The pulp of your tooth contains soft tissues, blood vessels, and even nerves. When infected or inflamed it can cause extreme discomfort. During your root canal treatment, the infected pulp is removed, preventing further infection and reducing painful symptoms. Looking for a root canal specialist?


  • Reduces risk of infection spreading. Left untreated, an infected tooth root can spread to other teeth, your gums and even cause sepsis (a potentially deadly infection of the blood).
  • Reduces painful symptoms. When the infected and inflamed tooth pulp has been removed, patients often experience a relief of the discomfort and pain.
  • Simple, quick and painless procedure. More often than not, root canal treatment is an extremely simple procedure that has little to no discomfort and can be completed quite quickly. On occasion, a complex root canal may be necessary, but if this is the case, you will be referred to a root canal specialist.
  • No need for tooth extraction. Our St. Pete beach root canal treatment is often the last resort option to avoid having a tooth extraction due to a severely infected or damaged tooth.


  • Preparing your infected tooth. Using local anesthetic, the area will be numbed and then isolated from other teeth or gums.
  • Removing the infected tooth pulp. Once your affected tooth has been prepared, we will begin to remove any signs of infection included the inflamed tooth pulp.
  • Cleaning your root canal. Once the infection has been thoroughly removed, the pulp chamber and root canal of your affected tooth will be cleaned.
  • Sealing your affected tooth. Once the infection has been removed, and the tooth has been properly cleaned, we will use a specialized dental material to seal the affected tooth, preventing further complications.
  • Restoring your smile. After a root canal, we often recommend a dental crown to restore the appearance and functionality of your affected tooth.


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