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Inlays & Onlays

Do you have severe decay or damage on the chewing surface of your tooth? Have you been told the damage is too extensive for a filling? You may benefit from our inlays & onlays in St. Pete beach, FL. Dental inlays and onlays can be used to repair extensive damage when a filling isn’t the best treatment option. Both inlays and onlays are similar. However, there is one major difference. Our St. Petersburg inlays are used for damage that is within the cusps of the tooth, while our onlays in St. Pete beach can be used for damage that extends beyond the tooth cusp.

Benefits of Dental Inlays and Dental Onlays

  • Repairs tooth damage/decay. Inlays and onlays can help repair extensive damage when a filling is not an adequate treatment option.
  • Stronger than fillings. Both dental inlays and dental onlays are considered stronger and more durable than traditional dental fillings.
    Both dental inlays and dental onlays are considered stronger and more durable than traditional dental fillings.
  • Preserve more tooth structure. When a dental crown is used, portions of your tooth’s enamel must be removed to fit the crown properly. Dental inlays and onlays do not require as much of the tooth structure to be removed for treatment.
  • Blend with your natural smile. Using tooth-colored composite resin, your St. Pete beach dentist can blend your inlay or onlay with your natural smile, making it virtually unnoticeable.
  • Completed in one visit. Using our state-of-the-art CEREC technology your dental inlay or dental onlay can be designed, fabricated and placed in just one appointment at our St. Pete Beach dental office.


  • Preparing the affected tooth. Once we have determined you’re a candidate for an inlay or onlay, our St. Pete Beach, FL dentist will remove the decayed areas of the affected teeth.
  • Digital imaging of teeth. A mold of your affected teeth will be taken and sent to a dental lab to be created.
  • Creating your dental inlay/onlay. Your custom dental inlay or onlay will be fabricated to the desired specifications at the dental lab.
  • Placing your dental inlay or onlay. After your dental inlay/dental onlay has been fabricated, we will test the fit and appearance. It will then be bonded to your tooth to protect from further decay and damage.
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