Icon Treatment

Looking for icon treatment in St. Pete Beach, FL? Dental Arts in St. Pete Beach, FL is proud to offer a revolutionary restorative treatment for patients with early-stage cavities. Using Icon, a special resin dental material, we can now stop the progression of dental decay before needles, drills and other invasive treatments become necessary. Icon has also been proven to be effective for reducing white spots on teeth which are often caused by excessive fluoride, deficiencies and demineralization. Ready to start icon treatment in St. Pete Beach, FL?

Benefits of Icon Treatment

  • Non-invasive dental treatment. Unlike fillings, inlays and other treatment options, Icon is used for early cavities and is designed to require no drilling or needles.
  • Painless treatment. Because no drills, needles or invasive methods are used with Icon, there is no need for local anesthetic due to there being no discomfort or pain associated with the treatment.
  • Prevents further decay. Using icon on early cavities can prevent the cavity from progressing into a bigger problem.
  • Preserves tooth structure. Most restorative dental procedures require drilling and removal of tooth structure. However, Icon doesn’t require any structural modification for treatment.


  • Tooth preparation. Once your St. Pete beach dentist has determined you are a candidate for Icon, your tooth will be pre-treated using a special gel.
  • Drying the tooth. Once the gel has been applied to the decayed tooth, we will begin to dry the tooth using our unique drying agent.
  • Applying Icon to the affected tooth. Once your tooth has been thoroughly dried, we will apply the Icon material to the affected tooth, filling the cavity and sealing the decay. A specialized light is then used to harden the resin material.