Everything You Should Know About Full and Partial Dentures

St. Petersburg Dentures

Does your smile suffer from severely damaged or missing teeth? Looking for an affordable, quick, and comfortable way to restore the appearance and functionality of your smile? Dentures are a dental appliance frequently used to replace a patient’s missing teeth. Depending on your preferences, your dentist can discuss the various types of our St. Petersburg dentures and which might be best for your dental goals. Interested in dentures in St. Petersburg, FL?

  • Full Dentures in St. Petersburg – For patients that are missing an entire row of teeth (top or bottom) full dentures can be a great option for restoring their smile. Prosthetic crowns are placed into a flesh-colored plate which is then worn to restore chewing and speaking abilities along with appearance.
  • Partial Dentures St. Pete Beach – For patients that still have existing natural teeth a partial denture can be a great option. Prosthetic teeth are placed into a gum-colored plate which is then attached to metal in the mouth. Our partial dentures in St. Petersburg are typically removable, allowing you to easily remove them for eating or cleaning.
  • St. Petersburg Permanent Dentures – For patients interested in a more stable and permanent solution, our St. Pete beach implant-supported dentures can be an excellent choice. Much like a full denture, they are used to replace entire rows of teeth and are fixed in the mouth using surgically implanted metal anchors.


  • Restore your smile. Dentures can restore the appearance and functionality of your smile, improving your ability to speak and eat while reducing the risk of bone loss.
  • Fit comfortably. Our dentures are custom-made to fit your mouth properly and comfortably.
  • Improve appearance. Missing teeth tend to cause bone loss and facial aging; dentures can fill out the face and prevent further bone loss from occurring.

St. Pete Beach, FL Denture Procedure

  • Denture preparation. A series of impressions will be taken of your mouth and jaw to design your custom dentures. These impressions will be sent to a dental laboratory to create your denture.
  • Designing your dentures. Using the impressions, a dental technician will carefully craft your new set of dentures.
  • Trying on your new smile. Once your dentures have been made, we will test the fit and comfortability of your new St. Petersburg dentures. Any adjustments you’d like can be made. We will also discuss proper denture care and how to continue to care for your oral health.
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