3 Simple Ways to Remove White Spots from Your Teeth

White spots on the teeth are not fun and they can range from a barely noticeable to embarrassing ones. These spots can keep you from smiling and enjoying yourself. However, the good news is that you don’t have to compromise with them for a lifetime as dentistry in FL offers options to get rid of them.

First Explore the Why

This will help in understanding the reason why you developed the white spots in the first place. There can be many reasons why you develop white spots on the teeth; while some are easier to control, others can be nasty explains the dentist near St Pete Beach. When young children are exposed to high levels of fluoride while their teeth are developing, they can develop white or brownish spots called fluorosis. In teens and adults, the spots are the areas where minerals have been stripped away, leaving weakened enamel called demineralization.

Next Explore the How

  • Improve oral care habits

Sometimes, mild cases of white spots occur right after braces are removed, but they can be alleviated by improving oral care habits. Regular brushing with high quality toothpaste, along with flossing can improve the appearance of minor spots. It can keep the current white spots from getting worse and prevent new ones from appearing. Preventive measures can go a long way in keeping the spots at bay.

  • Use a remineralizing toothpaste

The lack of minerals can also lead to spots on teeth, which means adding the minerals back can help in combating the situation. Bio- identical minerals can help in building strength and beauty when added to your teeth.

  • Visit your dentist

The dentist treatment is not going to be as simple as the home-treatment of white spots. Your dentist can fill white spots with resin like the one used for tooth-colored fillings. The procedure offers immediate improvement in the appearance of your teeth. It may be more invasive and expensive depending on the severity of the spots. But it offers immediate strength and improvement.

Dentist near you will guide you after thorough examination.

Conditions That Warrant A Tooth Extraction

With brushing and flossing, further dental issues can be avoided. Even after proper care, possibility of tooth problems may occur. Individual fear their visit to clinic for tooth extraction because they feel that it is extremely painful procedure. An expert dentist can help complete tooth extraction without any complication or pain.

In some cases, tooth extraction is essential because if tooth is not extracted the issue may further exceed to cause problem for other existing tooth. There can be various situations went tooth extraction cannot be avoided and some of these can be:

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Wisdom tooth which is commonly referred as third molar may come as a final teeth in early twenties. Many people may not notice any issues due to wisdom tooth but for others this can be painful. In some cases, there is no enough space for wisdom tooth to grow. It can also disturb the overall growth of other teeth and in such cases they must be removed. Some individual may not identify any problems with their wisdom tooth growth but for other it becomes essential to remove it. When wisdom tooth is painful or irritating for other tooth, it is must be extracted so that it does not cause any issue for rest of the teeth.

Other Tooth Extractions

Other than wisdom tooth, there may be situations where tooth extraction is quite essential. In case when decayed or damage is severe, tooth extraction is compulsory. If infected tooth is not extracted at right time, the damage or decay may exceed further to effect other teeth as well. In such cases when extraction is done at right stage further dental issues can be avoided. The tooth extraction must be done to prevent infection and to maintain overall dental health.

Find Out More about Tooth Extraction

When you have any further query about tooth extraction, you must not delay your visit to dental clinic to consult an expert dentist. He may further suggest necessary precautions and dental health care tips to avoid the requirement of tooth extraction.

Fastbraces: Its Importance And Tips For Effective Teeth Straightening 

Orthodontics is a department of dentistry that helps in straightening your teeth. Multiple treatments in FL 33706 have emerged over the period of time which serve the varied needs of people and take into consideration their preferences. One such treatment is fastbraces. It’s an orthodontic treatment designed for providing the same results as the traditional braces offer but as the name suggests, fastbraces work in a short span of time. Fastbraces not only help in correcting the smile but also helps with overall maintenance.

Why Is Straightening The Teeth Important?

Straighter teeth offer beautiful smile. A beautiful smile is important in striking a good impression on others when you meet them for the first time, whether it is a personal or professional meeting. Everyone is concerned about how their smile looks and people don’t shy away from going an extra mile for achieving a flawless smile.

Another important reason is overall well-being. A person’s well-being is improved when they have straight teeth, which they don’t need to hide when smiling. Teeth imperfections can lead to self-consciousness and low self-esteem which is not healthy for the body and mind of a person.

Straight teeth also help in promoting dental health. The dental complications can be prevented by keeping the teeth and dental structure strong and healthy. When there are no dental complications, the overall health is not compromised.

Tips To Get The Most Out Of A Fastbraces Treatment

Avoid carbonated drinks such as sodas. These beverages can cause harm to the teeth and also impact the movement of teeth during the treatment.

You must avoid consuming sticky foods such as caramel, gums, and gummies. Frequent chewing of sticky foods can cause wires to bend out of shape which can affect the purpose in moving the teeth.

Make sure that you observe proper dental hygiene and care during the course of treatment to make sure that health of teeth if good when they are being corrected.

Avoid biting on hard foods and objects as they can harm not just braces but also your teeth.

Invisalign Vs. Fastbraces: Which Is Better For You?

If you have crooked teeth and wish to possess straighter teeth for a flawless smile, you can opt for Fastbraces or Invisalign.

What are Fastbraces?

Fastbraces is a form of a modern orthodontic treatment used for straightening your teeth. It uses uniquely shaped brackets and wires which help in moving your entire tooth, i.e., both the crown and the root at the same time. This implies that Fastbraces are much more comfortable compared to traditional braces the treatment completion period is usually in months and not years as in the case of traditional braces.

But, Fastbraces utilizes metal and wires which means that you need to be careful while eating and going about your daily routine towards preventing injuries to your gums.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a form of an orthodontic treatment which uses a series of clear plastic trays which are fitted over the teeth. Each tray has a different shape and repositions your teeth and jaws just like traditional braces.

Invisalign are removable and can be removed while eating, brushing and flossing. Also, these are practically invisible and is a form of a discreet orthodontic treatment. However, these can be quite expensive compared to regular braces.

Which Is Better For You?

Fastbraces is suitable for people who wish to obtain faster results. Most Fastbraces treatments can also only for a few months whereas the Invisalign treatment can last for a little over a year.

Invisalign is suitable for people who wish to undergo a discreet orthodontic treatment and not have others notice their Invisalign while speaking or eating. Invisalign is also suitable for people who wish not to restrict the food items they eat or wish to enjoy an active lifestyle. As Invisalign is removable, patients can remove it while playing sports, eating, brushing and flossing.

If your crooked or misaligned teeth are the reason for you hiding your beautiful smile, schedule an appointment with Dental Arts SPB to know which teeth alignment treatment is most suitable for you.

Abscessed Tooth: What You Need to Know

What is an Abscessed Tooth?

The abscessed tooth is a pocket of pus which comes in different forms in different parts of the tooth because of bacterial infection. The abscessed tooth can cause moderate to severe pain which can move towards ear and neck. If left untreated, you may also experience tooth loss or it may progress into a life-threatening condition, says dentist in SPB.

What are Different Types of Abscessed?

The SPB dentist says that the type of dental abscess depends on the location. The 3 most common types are:

  • Periapical abscess which is the abscess at the tip of the tooth root.
  • Periodontal abscess on the gum next to the root of a tooth.
  • Gingival abscess which is the abscess on the gums.

What Are The Symptoms?

Though the main symptom of abscessed tooth is throbbing pain near tooth or gums, the other symptoms can include:

  • Halitosis/ bad breath
  • Swollen and red gums
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Pain near ear, jaw, neck
  • Pain that gets worse when you lie down
  • Discolored or loose teeth
  • Foul taste in mouth
  • Tender or swollen lymph nodes in neck or under jaw
  • Fever
  • Facial redness and swelling

What Causes Abscess?

  • Periapical abscess

  • The bacteria enter the pulp within the tooth through a cavity.

  • Periodontal abscess

  • Gum diseases or injury can be the reason for this type of abscess.

  • Gingival abscess

  • When a foreign body such as toothbrush bristle or popcorn hull gets embedded in your gums, this type of abscess if formed.

How Is It Treated?

This can be a life-threatening complication of an infection. According to dentist near FL 33706, you must immediately see the dentist if the abscessed tooth is accompanied with:

  • High fever
  • Rapid heart rate
  • Facial swelling
  • Difficulty in swallowing

Abscessed tooth can be prevented by following good oral hygiene routine and dental checkups every 6 months.

How Do Fastbraces Work?

It has been noted that nine out of ten people are not satisfied with their teeth arrangement or alignment. So, there is nothing uncommon in having poorly aligned teeth. Sometimes, the poor alignment is visually striking, and thus it harms overall personality and appearance of a person. People, having dental issues, often undergo mental ordeal as they feel embarrassed for their poor teeth alignment. Such people tend to go unsocial as well. They restrict themselves from attending public events or social gatherings. There is nothing to worry, if you have poorly arranged teeth, as Dental Arts SPB offers Fastbraces for correcting your teeth alignment. In the following section, more information on Fastbraces will be given.

Guide to Frastbraces

In order to correct the teeth alignment, orthodontics comes with dental braces. Traditionally, dental braces refer to metallic braces. However, things have changed now due to advancement of technology. Today, use of invisalign can be noted in place of metallic braces. Fastbraces are one step advanced solution for correcting teeth arrangement. As it is named, it corrects teeth alignment in a quick time frame.

How Fastbraces Technology Works?

After being tested for more than twenty years, this technology has become widely available today. Modern orthodontics clinics offer dental alignment solution with Fastbraces. The mechanics involves moving the crown to tooth and also moving the root at desired place. The technology is developed on the basis of force and flexibility manipulation. Fastbraces are elbow shaped brackets, which intend flexibility of the wires of the dental brace. As a result, it brings the desired result in shorter timeframe.

How Long It Takes?

It is not possible to tell the exact time for correcting the dental alignment with the use of braces. Use of Fastbrace technology will cut down the time. But, it still depends on the type of teeth alignment that a person presently possesses. If minor misalignment is there, it would not take more than 6-8 months for adults. Traditional braces would take around double of the time that is required by the Fastbraces.

The benefits of Fastbraces at Dental Arts SPB include cost-effective, quick alignment correction, lesser pain on teeth and many more.

Invisalign – Everything You Need to Know

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a teeth straightening solution which involves series of clear and virtually visible, removable aligners for offering you beautiful straight teeth. The Invisalign aligners offer perfect solution as they are clear and have precision fit so it won’t be visible to others says dentist near FL 33706. Also, they take lesser time than traditional braces.

Invisalign benefits

  • Invisalign is virtually invisible so you can smile and socialize quite confidently.
  • They are removable so you can eat and drink without any restriction.
  • It is easy to brush and floss your teeth as you can remove them.
  • The treatment is reduced as compared to traditional braces.
  • The aligners are less invasive as they are removable, clear, smooth, and flexible.
  • Enjoy benefits of improving smile at every stage.

Invisalign can be used to treat a variety of problems including:

  • Crooked teeth
  • A cross bite
  • Gapped teeth
  • An Open bite
  • Overly crowded teeth
  • An under-bite
  • A deep bite

Is Invisalign suitable for all ages?

According to St. Petersburg dentist Invisalign is a great option for both teens and adults and there is a separate Invisalign programme as well for the teenagers. It is an ideal solution for people who are embarrassed to wear traditional braces with brackets and wires. The aligners are almost invisible so it doesn’t make the teenagers and adults lose their confidence or have a low self-esteem emphasizes dentist near FL 33706.

Special Features

For teenagers, the Invisalign teen has been specially designed with additional features for growing patient with compliance indicators. Invisalign are ideal for active teens who need to remove the aligners for best sports and instrument playing performance. The invisalign are appropriate for most cases, except the extreme cases where jaw adjustment is needed with alternative orthodontic procedure says Florida dentist. They may not be suitable for younger kids where the teeth are still growing. A customized treatment plan is offered to each patient for making sure that they receive the best smile makeover which boosts their confidence.

Unexpected ways your dental health affects your life

Have you ever wondered – why is your dental health even important? You have to spend hours of your life just brushing and flossing your teeth. Then you have to spend money and time to regularly visit your dentist and get your teeth checked up. All – for what?

Well, having a healthy set of teeth goes way longer than you can imagine. Have a look at these unexpected benefits of having a healthy set of teeth:

First impression judgments

Yes, the saying holds true in all walks of life – first impression is the last impression. Sure, you can redeem yourself many a time but not always. A certain degree of what you did for your first impression, subconsciously remains in your audiences’ head for a long period of time.

Hence, it is crucial to have a healthy set of teeth. It helps you smile more confidently, which has a direct impact on the first impression you create for yourself.

Correlations with success

Have you noticed on common notion between all the successful people you know – from late night television hosts to business executives to politicians? They all have great teeth. It almost feels like they just got their teeth cleaned up and whitened. This is by design and a very deliberate achievement for most people who garner a lot of attention.

You can clearly see that there is a clear correlation between success and a healthy set of teeth. Hence, if you want to communicate to the world that you are all set for success – you can do that subtly with your shining, healthy teeth.

Connections with other aspects of your health

Teeth have direct connections with several other aspects of your health:
a. Healthy teeth help you maintain the natural chewing rhythm of your teeth. This way, your food gets chewed properly and it gets easier for your system to digest it.
b. Teeth which are shaped in proper order keep the shape of your face intact.
c. Healthy teeth usually help in maintaining healthy gums as well.

If you want to have or want to maintain a healthy set of teeth, contact Dental Arts SPB.

Explaining Fast Braces and How They Work

Not many of us are blessed enough to have straight teeth but that doesn’t mean we have to live that way for life. Dentistry offers options which can help in making our teeth straight and rectify the misalignment. Orthodontic treatments such as braces are quite commonly used for straightening the teeth where the position of teeth changes over the period of time.

But for most people the thought of putting braces is alarming as they don’t want to go through the embarrassment of wearing metal wires for long time. But with advancement in dentistry, we have newer methods that offer same results in lesser time. The new method is known as Fast or Accelerated braces.

What Are Fast Braces?

What makes fast braces different from others is the orthodontic appliance fixed to the teeth and second is that there is a series of sessions where subsonic wave and phototherapy methods will be used for accelerating the movement of teeth. The fast braces are similar to traditional braces and they come with a set of brackets fastened on teeth.

How Do Fast Braces Work?

According to orthodontist near FL 33706 what makes fast braces offer quick and effective results is the design of the orthodontic appliance and the phototherapy. This approach reduces the time needed for straightening the teeth significantly. The phototherapy stimulates the osteoclasts and osteoblasts cells in the body which helps in removal and deposition of the bone.

Are Fast Braces Right for Me?

Most people believe that braces and orthodontic treatments are only for teens and young adults. However, the truth is that orthodontic treatments can be performed on patients of all ages says orthodontist near Madeira Beach, FL. Though optimum results are achieved in pre-teens and teenagers, as their bones and jaw are still growing, they are suitable for everyone.

Braces treatment

For getting the braces treatment, you need advanced techniques and equipment but not all orthodontists can offer the same. Thus, if you feel you wish to go for the fast braces method, you need to look for right dentist and an initial consultation that can help.

How Fast are Fast Braces?

Braces are uncomfortable, inconvenient, and in often unsightly. With the amount of time they remain in the mouth, they may also introduce a risk of tooth decay since they can get in the way of proper dental hygiene. Fast Braces technology allows for much faster treatment of misaligned teeth than traditional braces. But just how fast are they? And how do they differ from normal braces?


 Normally, moving teeth into proper alignment takes a couple years. Thanks to their specialized design, Fast Braces accomplish this much more quickly. In some cases, Fast Braces straighten teeth in as few as 20 weeks. More commonly, however, they take about a year. This is far faster than traditional braces, which necessitate two years of use and 24/7 retainers afterward.


 It depends on your current smile. You need to decide how perfect you want your teeth to be. Your smile expectation will decide the type of treatment your dentist may give you.


Are your comfortable with traditional braces or now-a-days popular Invisalign which are almost invisible braces? It depends on aesthetics and the results.


The time frame will also vary according to the biological response of your teeth. How easily will your teeth move is very difficult to interpret as the popularity is because of the reason that accelerated orthodontic treatment can be completed in half the time that it would take traditional braces to achieve the same results.


The science of teeth movement relies on two principles—moving teeth’s crowns and moving their roots. To reposition teeth at more effective angles, orthodontic treatment is often divided into two parts based on these principles. The unique, triangular design of Fast Braces’ brackets allows them to simultaneously move your teeth’s crowns and roots, reducing treatment time by up to 50%.


With technological advancement there are many devices in dentistry available that boosts and speeds up the process of treatment. It’s said to have increased the treatment speed by 30 to 50 %.