What is Icon Caries Infiltration Treatment?

What is Icon Caries Infiltration Treatment?

Nov 06, 2018

Icon Caries Infiltration Treatment is a new method of treating a tooth or teeth at risk of cavities. Of all the dental problems millions of Americans deal with every year, cavities are the most common. In the past, there’s not been much to do but “drill and fill” when a cavity shows up. The big thrust of dentistry is toward prevention, so when white spots show up on otherwise healthy teeth, that dread of the drill comes to the fore.

What are white spots?

White spots (white lesions) on the teeth can be a sign of excess fluoride in a person’s intake. Eating acidic foods, acid reflux, and enamel hypoplasia (less than normal enamel) are also common causes of white spots.

How can Icon caries infiltration treatment help?

Dental Arts in St. Pete Beach, FL offers Icon caries infiltration treatment. Unlike drilling and filling a cavity, Icon is micro-invasive. You won’t experience that whining drill or stinging needles. Icon catches cavities (dental caries) before they compromise the structure of the tooth.

How does Icon caries infiltration treatment work?

Dental care with Icon caries infiltration treatment at Dental Arts in St. Pete Beach, FL only has a few steps. It’s that simple. First, the affected tooth is treated with a gel. We then apply a specialized drying agent. Next, Icon’s unique resin (called an infiltrant) is applied to the tooth. Finally, we use a specialized light source to firm up the resin. That’s it!

What are the benefits of Icon caries infiltration treatment in my dental care?

  • Micro-invasive
  • No drilling needed
  • Takes care of white spots immediately with no need for prolonged treatment, unlike fluoride treatment
  • Helps your teeth look their best
  • Painless treatment, so patients with dental phobia have nothing to fear

If you’re interested in restoring a damaged tooth, we are your dentist near you at Dental Arts SPB in St. Pete Beach, FL. Call us at 727-360-1533 to book your appointment.

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