What Is Deep Teeth Cleaning?

What Is Deep Teeth Cleaning?

Mar 26, 2018

We all are familiar with basic oral care. We visit our dentist at least twice a year, brush and floss thoroughly, but your dentist may recommend deep teeth cleaning. What is deep teeth cleaning and how can it improve your smile? Let’s see why deep teeth cleaning is different from a regular cleaning at your dentist.

What is deep teeth cleaning?

Your dentist at Dental Arts in St Pete Beach, FL may recommend deep teeth cleaning for you. It is basically just when your dentist cleans the entire surface of your tooth, down past the gum line. It cleans the plaque where your regular flossing and brushing routine can’t quite reach. When not treated, your gums will begin to recede. This exposes the sensitive part of your tooth to more bacteria. Deep teeth cleaning will help to protect your teeth and avoid you paying the extra costs later.

How is it different from my regular cleaning?

Deep teeth cleaning involves scaling and planing. Your dentist will use scaling to remove the plaque of the entire surface of your teeth. After the plaque is gone, your dentist will use planing to smooth out the enamel of your teeth. Your gums will have a smooth area to reattach to.

Does deep teeth cleaning hurt?

Your dentist may suggest numbing the affected areas before beginning the cleaning. This is based on the buildup of plaque on the teeth and how much area needs to be cleaned. You may experience sensitivity after the cleaning. Your dentist may recommend a small dosage of ibuprofen as bruising is common after a deep teeth cleaning.

Don’t forget the importance of keeping your smile bright and healthy. Contact Dental Arts today to see if deep teeth cleaning is an option for you!

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