Understanding Root Canal Treatment

Understanding Root Canal Treatment

Dec 12, 2018

Root canal treatments are a common procedure done by experienced dentists every single day. Has your dentist told you that you are in need of one of these treatments? You may be experiencing a level of anxiety that can be relieved with understanding what is involved in the procedure. Our team at Dental Arts in St Pete Beach are eager to alleviate our patients stress and pain. Continue reading on to learn more about root canal treatments and see how our team can help improve your smile.

Why is a Root Canal Needed?

Root canals are an essential treatment that saves the patients tooth and relieves pain. This treatment is required when the inside of your tooth becomes infected. This area is known as the pulp and contains the essential parts of your individual tooth, including the nerves, which sends pain signals during an infection. If you are interested in saving your tooth from extraction, then a root canal treatment is the perfect option. It clears out the inside of a tooth while allowing the structure to stand strong.

What is the Root Canal Process?

Prior to getting a root canal treatment, your dentist will thoroughly examine the affected tooth to ensure the treatment is the best option. They will administer a local anaesthetic to ensure you are totally comfortable during the entirety of the procedure. You can also speak with your dentist about different sedation dentistry options. These often are recommended for patients with anxiety about procedures or for younger children. A dental drill will help to create a small opening that allows them to clean and disinfect the tooth. After the treatment is over, your dentist will fit a restoration on your tooth, such as a dental crown. This will help to give further protection to your tooth and provides a tight seal.

Regular dental cleanings and exams are an important way to keep your teeth healthy and strong. Contact Dental Arts in St Petes Beach, Florida to book your next appointment and get back on the path to having a healthy and beautiful smile.

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