Taking a Look at the Latest Dental Technology In 2018

Taking a Look at the Latest Dental Technology In 2018

Jun 03, 2018

The ancient world of archaic dentistry was a terrifying place. Thankfully, we are no longer in that place. Dental care has come a long way when it comes to advancements in technology. You can get in and out of the office in less time than ever, and more comfortably on top of it!

There have been so many advancements in dental care technology in the last decade that you may not be caught up to speed. Hopefully, we can show you some of the amazing feats in dental advancement. We know it will be impressive.

High-tech x-rays

The advancements when it comes to x-ray technology is nothing short of amazing. New digital x-ray technology means that x-rays can be taken and developed almost instantly, especially when compared with old film and radiography based x-rays.

Laser cavity detection

In previous years, a dentist would need to poke around your mouth searching for soft spots and Cavities. Your dentist no longer needs to poke around your mouth with sharp tools searching for cavities; Now a laser can do that

Shorter visits with CAD technology

Typical procedure associated with dental crowns involves a dentist manually taking a mold of your tooth and sending it into a lab to be developed and sent back to you to be installed on your tooth.

With CAD technology, your dentist can now create your dental crown in the office on the same day.

Thin veneers

Veneers are thinner than ever and look more natural than ever as well. Nobody will ever be able to notice that you’re wearing veneers if they didn’t know what your teeth looked like before. Dental technology allows veneers to be thinner and stronger than ever.

If you have any more questions concerning the dental technology that our office utilizes, please give us a call today.

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