How Single Tooth Anesthesia Can Increase Patient Comfort

How Single Tooth Anesthesia Can Increase Patient Comfort

May 21, 2018

If you’ve ever had a tooth numbed for a dental procedure, you know what I mean when I talk about that “mouth full of cotton” feeling for what seems like the rest of the day. Don’t even get me started on how the actual injection of anesthesia can sometimes be a bit painful. Well, thanks to modern technology, we have single tooth anesthesia, also known as STA, that eliminates some of the dangers associated with anesthetization and minimizes more of the negative side effects.

Understanding the Pitfalls of Traditional Anesthesia Techniques

Traditional anesthesia techniques call for the dentist to make a judgment call based on each patient in order to see the efficacy of the anesthesia itself based on feedback from the patient. Traditional anesthesia affects a larger area of the south, making it more widespread but possible, not as effective as it could possibly be. The ways bodies tend to absorb anesthesia means that more must be administered to stop the communication between nerves and the brain.

Single-Tooth Anesthesia: Revolutionizing Pain-Free Dentistry

In contrast to conventional anesthesia, STA uses periodontal ligament injection techniques to numb a single tooth for any given dental procedure. This technique also utilizes tiny sensors, integrates to detect changes in patient responses.

Increasing Patient Comfort

STA increases patient comfort in three notable ways. It reduces the amount of pain during the anesthesia injection process by allowing the dental expert to precisely control the pressure applied to the tooth. After the procedure, you aren’t left with a lasting numbness that can make it hard to maneuver around everyday practices. The anesthesia makes the patient much more comfortable, allowing for deeper and more effective treatment while numb.

At Dental Arts in St. Pete Beach, FL, we want our patients to be the most comfortable while being administered life or tooth-saving procedures. Give us a call to see what your anesthesia options are with us!

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