Facts About Sedation Dentistry

Facts About Sedation Dentistry

Jan 29, 2018

If you have anxiety when going to the dentist, or your young child is prone to meltdowns or freak-outs when faced with potential pain, then sedation dentistry might be for you and your family. Many people today are under-informed when it comes to sedation dentistry and believe that it could be dangerous like anesthesia during surgery.

Fact: Sedation Dentistry Is Safe

Nitrous oxide is given to the patient before any procedure starts and when the procedure is over the gas leaves your system just as fast as it started. You will constantly be monitored by your dentist at all times, and there is virtually no added risk with the use of laughing gas, or nitrous oxide.

Fact: There Are Different Levels of Sedation Dentistry Available

If you wish to be minimally sedated, then you can receive just enough sedative to remain awake, yet relaxed. You will remain conscious throughout the procedure, and the nitrous oxide will be just enough to make sure you feel no pain and are completely relaxed.

Fact: Sedation Dentistry Has Been Around for Many Years

Sedation dentistry and the use of laughing gas can be dated all the way back to the 19th century! It is well understood and very safe.

Fact: Sedation Dentistry Can Be Used for More than Relieving Dental Anxiety

While laughing gas does a good job at keeping you from becoming overly anxious, it is also extremely useful for your dentist when they have to perform multiple procedures at once or when dealing with a client who has a sensitive gag reflex! It is also great when dealing with kids or patients who can’t cooperate or who have trouble sitting still.

Whether or not sedation dentistry from the dental office is right for you is completely up to you to choose. You should know, however, that it is renowned to make for a more pleasant dental experience and is very safe!

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