Early Cavity Care for A Long-Lasting Smile

Early Cavity Care for A Long-Lasting Smile

Sep 10, 2018

Our mission at Dental Arts St Pete Beach is to provide St Pete Beach, FL dental care for families with a one-stop shop that meets all of your oral care needs. We offer top-notch general dentistry, orthodontics, endodontic treatment, cosmetic dentistry and more. With our experienced team and advanced technology, our patients always receive the best dental care possible. Our goal is to stay current with the latest dental treatments to create smiles that last a lifetime. For that reason, Dental Arts are proud to offer our St Pete Beach patients Icon, one of the newest advances in pediatric dentistry.

Icon Cavity Treatment in St Pete Beach

Children’s dentists use Icon to halt the progression of decay while preventing cavities from getting worse. This method is just one of the many ways we ensure your child’s comfort at Dental Arts St Pete Beach.

What Is Icon Treatment?

As children transition into adolescence, they enter a crucial stage of oral development. By 13, they should have all of their adult teeth. From this point on, their smile should last a lifetime. But one of the biggest threats to a young, healthy smile is cavities. The health threat is even greater if early onset cavities are left untreated.

Icon allows pediatric dentists to halt the progress of cavities early in life so that healthy smiles last. Tooth decay is the result of acid erosion. Mouth acids draw out calcium and cause deterioration. Icon treatment gets absorbed by tooth enamel, fills in the tiny openings and reinforces the tooth structure.

The Benefits of Icon Treatment in St Pete Beach

The primary advantages of Icon treatment for kids include:

  • Preserves Healthy Tooth Structure: Early treatment of minor cavities eliminates the need to remove decay by drilling into the tooth. More of the tooth structure remains intact.
  • Protects the Tooth: Icon keeps small cavities from becoming bigger problems. As a result, your child’s teeth will avoid damage and last longer.
  • Pain-Free: Since Icon treatment is a fast, noninvasive and comfortable procedure without needles or drills, there is no need for an anesthetic.

Kids who receive Icon treatment in St Pete Beach avoid bigger cavities and dental fillings.

How Does Icon Treatment Work?

X-rays are used to detect hidden cavities between teeth. Dental Arts dentists treat this type of decay by first separating the teeth with a special rubber band. The tooth being treated is then prepared with a dental gel. A thin applicator is used to fill the small cavity with Icon.

For white chalky spots on a smooth tooth surface, Icon is an effective cosmetic treatment. White areas treated with Icon are restored to mimic the color of the surrounding natural enamel.

Icon Treatment is used only on budding cavities in the beginning stages. Larger cavities will require a traditional dental filling or some other restorative treatment.

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