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Abscessed Tooth: What You Need to Know

What is an Abscessed Tooth? The abscessed tooth is a pocket of pus which comes in different forms in different parts of the tooth ...

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How Do Fastbraces Work?

It has been noted that nine out of ten people are not satisfied with their teeth arrangement or alignment. So, there is nothing un...

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Invisalign – Everything You Need to Know

What is Invisalign? Invisalign is a teeth straightening solution which involves series of clear and virtually visible, removable a...

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Unexpected ways your dental health affects your life

Have you ever wondered – why is your dental health even important? You have to spend hours of your life just brushing and flossi...

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Explaining Fast Braces and How They Work

Not many of us are blessed enough to have straight teeth but that doesn’t mean we have to live that way for life. Dentistry offe...

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