From Crooked Teeth to a Confident Smile: How Orthodontics Can Improve Your Life

Your oral health is the foundation for good overall health. You can overcome chewing and speaking challenges by seeking orthodontic treatment near you if you have crooked and crowded teeth to benefit from a therapy providing multiple advantages.

Receiving orthodontic treatment shouldn’t scare you, whatever your age. You don’t have to contend with metal brackets and wires in your mouth like you may have seen children wearing them. If you visit the dentist in St Pete Beach, FL, you will receive multiple therapies to correct your dental imperfections to benefit from the following:

Improved Appearance and Confidence

Crooked and misaligned teeth impact your smile and confidence. However, when you decide to receive orthodontic treatment in St. Pete Beach, FL, the therapy ensures your appearance and confidence improve and allows you to smile without hesitation before everyone. You no longer raise your palms when smiling but proudly show off your smile, displaying a never before seen quality that makes you appear like an extrovert with enhanced confidence.

Better Dental Health

Are you aware of the challenges you confront with your crooked or misaligned teeth? Unfortunately, the problems make you a victim of infections like gum disease, cavities, et cetera because you cannot maintain appropriate dental health. However, when you get the problems corrected by the dentist near you, start enjoying better dental health minus the infections affecting you and needing dentist treatments when least expected.

Improved Overall Health

Your mouth is the gateway to your entire body. As a result, infections in your mouth can and will spread to your body, making you vulnerable to various health problems needing treatment from different medical professionals. For example, if cavities can affect your jawbone and eventually spread the bacteria through your bloodstream to your body, gum disease also has similar consequences. Fortunately, orthodontic treatment helps overcome these problems by straightening your teeth, allowing you to maintain better dental health and benefit from improved overall health. In addition, the therapy inhibits your mouth bacteria from spreading to your body.

Treatment Options

The treatment options you can choose depends on the severity of the problems affecting you. If you have mild to moderate orthodontic issues, you can receive treatment from dental grade clear plastic aligners remaining virtually invisible in your mouth and complete the therapy between 6 to 18 months. Unfortunately, if the issue affecting your teeth is severe, the dentist nearby will suggest metal brackets and wires as optimal for your situation.

It helps if you understand that some orthodontic complications are best treated with traditional orthodontic braces with metal brackets and wires that help move your teeth and jaw to eliminate the problems affecting you. On the other hand, dental grade clear plastic aligners merely move and straighten crooked and misaligned teeth without impacting your jaw. Therefore you must accept the dentist’s suggestion on the best treatment for your situation after evaluating your teeth and mouth.

Choosing the Right Orthodontist

When seeking orthodontic treatment to correct your dental imperfections, it is best to discuss your problems with a nearby dentist who is trained and equipped to offer orthodontic therapy, whether with traditional braces or clear aligners. However, if you have a complicated situation needing help from a specialist, the dentist will refer you to one who can offer advanced treatment.

If you visit Dr. Jonathan Colucci for an evaluation, they will determine the type of orthodontic treatment best suited for your situation. You can ask questions, discuss your concerns with the professional, and start your treatment from them as soon as possible.

Although orthodontic treatment is excellent for straightening your crooked teeth to give you a confident smile, you can expect to wear the orthodontic appliance advised for six months to 3 years, depending on the complexity of your situation. While you will receive maintenance instructions from the dentist, you must adhere to them to ensure you don’t develop complications when trying to improve your smile by receiving orthodontic therapy to straighten crooked teeth. Therefore you must seek treatment from an experienced dentist with the infrastructure and equipment to enhance your life for the better with orthodontics.

If crooked and misaligned teeth make it challenging to smile confidently, Dental Arts St. Pete Beach provides treatment to overcome your problems. Discuss your situation with them today to start your orthodontic therapy as soon as possible to have the confident smile desired.