What are the Causes of Porcelain Veneers Failure?

Dental Veneers In St Pete Beach

Dental veneers can help improve your look. They are created basically for people with a gap tooth, chipped teeth, or misshaped teeth; Veneers are capable of making all these deformities look normal. The teeth need to have a classic look, which is one of the primary reasons you need veneers. The veneers appear as flat coverings and are attached to the surface of the tooth. Dental veneers vary in types and sizes. To know which is best for you, consult a dentist!

Most people use veneers to improve their smiles while others use them to fix deformities; they are mostly positioned on the visible part of the teeth- incisor, molar, and canine. Asides from improving a smile, the veneers can also help correct the following;

  • Stained teeth that can’t whiten
  • Chipped teeth
  • Misshapen
  • Gap teeth

Dental Veneer Materials Available

The two main materials used in the creation of dental veneers include; Porcelain and Composite resin. As an individual, you can’t decide which of these two materials is best for you; you will need to consult a dentist.

Porcelain Veneers

This veneer appears as a flat shell. It’s designed to fit any part of the teeth. Below are some of the benefits of using porcelain veneers;

  • They are durable and strong.
  • Aesthetics is perfect as they look just like natural teeth.
  • It’s not complicated to fix as less enamel needs to be removed.
  • They rarely stain

How to place a porcelain veneer

The first step in placing a porcelain veneer on the tooth is enamel extraction. A small amount of enamel is removed from the tooth, and this is to make sure the porcelain veneer fits perfectly and looks very natural. The next step is preparing the veneer and tooth for adhesion. The dentist makes an impression of the tooth and decides what side of the veneer will best suit your smile. The tooth impression prepared by the dentist is then transferred to the custom lab to prepare the veneer that suits the tooth; this takes time so that the patient will be administered temporary veneers in the meantime. After the veneer has the prepared and looks perfect in terms of shape and size, the dentist then bonds it firmly tooth, which marks the end of the process.

Composite resin veneers

Derived from a tooth-colored filling material, the composite resin is the right choice of veneer for the tooth. Benefits of using this veneer include;

  • Just like porcelain veneer, this veneer doesn’t need much enamel removed for it to bond firmly.
  • Any individual that uses this veneer will not have to gist the dentists occasionally.
  • This veneer is also very affordable
  • Very easy to fix and are wear-resistant.

How to place a composite resin

First, the dentist will need to brush up the tooth and reshape it, after which he will bond the veneer to the tooth and sculpt the resin using the color that bests suits your tooth. To make sure the veneer bonds firmly to the teeth, the dentist will introduce a special light to the teeth. This light will help harden and tighten the bond. Finally, the doctor will polish the veneers to look like your regular teeth.

A Ceramic veneer is also a type of veneer.

Tips To Take Note Before Getting Veneers

Before you get a veneer, make sure you check out the following tips;

  • Your teeth must be void of any periodontal disease.
  • If you love to clench or grind your teeth, don’t get veneers.
  • The enamel removed cannot be replaced.
  • Veneers can fall off after a long period.
  • Discuss any expectations and veneer options with your dentist before the surgery.


One has to be very careful while choosing what veneer to use because using the wrong veneers could result in complications. The porcelain veneer has excellent durability and superior aesthetics, while the composite resin veneer has pleasing aesthetics but fair durability. Consult your dentist well before getting veneers.