The Future of Dental Treatment: The Solea Laser

Dental phobia afflicts many Americans today, going to the dentist is a daunting task for many. However, thanks to advancements in the dental field, getting treated at your local dental office is easier than ever. One of the greatest advancements to hit the market is now available to the public, and it’ll make every trip to the dentist you have from here on out much, much easier. it’s called the Solea Laser, and we’re going to tell you about it.

What Is the Solea Laser?

As stated above, trips to the dentist for many can be a really difficult thing to do, and it mostly stems from fear of pain or dental tools. However, the Solea Laser will replace drills forever. In dental procedures that target the gums and teeth, simple cavities, and complex surgeries, Solea is used to save time, alleviate pain, and reduce resting time after the procedure. The Solea Laser causes virtually no pain, no noise, and no vibrations, and some patients have even said that anesthesia is a thing of the past thanks to the laser.

Why Do I Want to Get Treated with It?

The benefits that come from the laser are many but the main one we would like to discuss today is the lack of pain our patients feel after using it. For many, the thought of going to the dentist is much scarier than living with excruciating pain, but now those with even the most severe dental phobia can come to our office with no worries.

Ask Your Dentist

If you wish to know more about the Solea laser be sure to contact your local dentist. Dental Arts SPB in St. Pete Beach, FL is a great resource for those that would love to know more about dental and oral care or have any general questions concerning their health. If you live in this area and would like to make an appointment in our office, feel free to send us an email or give us a call. The team here at Dental Arts SPB can’t wait to meet you!

Taking a Look at the Latest Dental Technology In 2018

The ancient world of archaic dentistry was a terrifying place. Thankfully, we are no longer in that place. Dental care has come a long way when it comes to advancements in technology. You can get in and out of the office in less time than ever, and more comfortably on top of it!

There have been so many advancements in dental care technology in the last decade that you may not be caught up to speed. Hopefully, we can show you some of the amazing feats in dental advancement. We know it will be impressive.

High-tech x-rays

The advancements when it comes to x-ray technology is nothing short of amazing. New digital x-ray technology means that x-rays can be taken and developed almost instantly, especially when compared with old film and radiography based x-rays.

Laser cavity detection

In previous years, a dentist would need to poke around your mouth searching for soft spots and Cavities. Your dentist no longer needs to poke around your mouth with sharp tools searching for cavities; Now a laser can do that

Shorter visits with CAD technology

Typical procedure associated with dental crowns involves a dentist manually taking a mold of your tooth and sending it into a lab to be developed and sent back to you to be installed on your tooth.

With CAD technology, your dentist can now create your dental crown in the office on the same day.

Thin veneers

Veneers are thinner than ever and look more natural than ever as well. Nobody will ever be able to notice that you’re wearing veneers if they didn’t know what your teeth looked like before. Dental technology allows veneers to be thinner and stronger than ever.

If you have any more questions concerning the dental technology that our office utilizes, please give us a call today.